For a takeout counter or foodcourt setup (no dining area), the estimate initial investment for a 20-30sqm is at ₱1.5 million plus any additional startup costs (rental security deposits, initial inventory, staff training salary and government fees). This is only an estimate which will vary accordingly.



For a full / inline store setup (complete with a dining area), the estimate initial investment for a 50 sqm starts at ₱4 million plus any additional startup costs (rental security deposits, initial inventory, staff training and government fees). This is only an estimate which will vary accordingly.



Never owned a business? Fret not! We’re open to first time entrepreneurs as long as you’re willing to learn the ambiguities of the food industry.



A true entrepreneur is self-motivated with one goal in mind - to be successful! To effortlessly achieve success, one must know how to motivate people and promote teamwork among colleagues. Success is always a teamwork.



We require future owners to undergo a 30-day full-time training at a designated branch of your choice. No exceptions! We’ll teach you how to efficiently run your restaurant and minimize overhead expenses.



You must be able to devote your time to manage and oversee the day to day operations of the restaurant. Food quality and consistency are the most important recipes of success in the food industry.



The primary applicant must be an individual owner for sole proprietor or the majority shareholder for a partnership or corporation. We only award a franchise to an individual.



We require a franchisee applicant to have adequate funding and capitalization. We won’t guarantee the success of your store as this is entirely upon how you manage it efficiently. The initial investment must include 50% out-of-pocket cash investment and it must be loan-free.



Last but not the least, you must submit a Letter of Intent to franchise. You may simply follow the link below and answer the prepared questions for your convenience. The Franchise Inquiry Form will serve as your Official Letter of Intent after submission.



What are the qualifications of a Jus & Jerry’s franchisee?
  1. Must be a self-driven entrepreneur
  2. Must be self-motivated and a motivator to people
  3. Must be willing to undergo a full-time 30-day training
  4. Must be willing to devote his/her time to manage and oversee the day to day operations of the restaurant
  5. Must be an individual owner or majority shareholder
  6. Must have 50% out-of-pocket cash capitalization (loan-free)
How much is the investment required to open a Jus & Jerry’s franchise?

An investment can range between ₱1.5 to ₱10 million. The investment will depend on the type of outlet, floor area, configuration of the store and miscellaneous startup costs.


For a takeout & delivery stall or foodcourt stall, the typical investment will range from ₱1.5 to ₱3 million. This excludes any miscellaneous startup investments like security deposits, staff training salaries, initial inventory and government fees.


For a full / inline store setup, the typical investment will range from ₱4 to ₱7.5 million depending on the size of the store. This excludes any miscellaneous startup investments like security deposits, staff training salaries, initial inventory and government fees.

Do you require the space to be owned or can I just lease a space?

We don’t require the space to be owned by the individual. We do however will prioritize a franchise award to owned land or spaces due to the fact that they will have a reduced operating expense.

What are the requirements for a leased space?
  1. We don’t recommend shopping malls with gross percentage on sales as you won’t be profiting much and the return on investment will be longer than the average. There is a high probability that we may decline a proposed location inside a shopping mall with a percentage on gross sales unless the leased space is located on the ground floor with a high visibility and wide store frontage or a foodcourt stall.
  2. If the leased space is located inside a building, preferably, it must be located at the ground floor. Preference will be given to an applicant with an outdoor entrance and signage.
  3. The store frontage must be at least 5 meters wide. This is based on our experience that the wider the entrance, the more inviting and the more chances of attracting first-time customers.
  4. As much as possible, avoid having a multilevel layout (second or third floor). This is very counterproductive, will produce an inefficient store layout and requires additional staff to manage a multilevel layout.
  5. As much as possible, avoid polygonal or circular spaces. The best and more flexible shape for a restaurant is a square layout.
What is the minimum floor area requirement?
  • For a takeout & delivery stall, the minimum floor area must be at least 20 sqm.
  • For a foodcourt stall, the minimum floor area must be at least 20 sqm.
  • For a full / inline store setup, the minimum floor area must be at least 50 sqm.
What do you mean by “Low Investment with Flexibilty”

When you apply and get approved for a Jus & Jerry’s franchise, you have 2 options available:

  1. Worry-free renovation. We will evaluate, design and construct the restaurant for you. All you need to do is undergo the required training and operate the store once it’s done. We’ll definitely offer a competitive pricing and you can even compare or have us bid for the project.
  2. Build everything by yourself. You may hire your own contractor to build the restaurant for you. There is however a strict design and equipment guidelines that you will need to adhere to conform with our specifications. Most of the kitchen equipments can be fabricated depending on your budget but please note that the material quality will still be subject to our approval.
How much is your franchising fee?

Our introductory franchise fee offer is at ₱300,000. We do offer flexibility on renovations, therefore, if you prefer to construct or renovate the store by yourself, this is the only amount that we will be collecting from you.

What is included in your franchise fee?

The franchise fee shall include the following:

1) Use of logos and other registered trademarks
2) Operating manuals
3) Franchise contract
4) Owner and staff training (training salaries for your staff are at your own expense)
5) Store opening and marketing support

How long do you grant a franchise contract and is this renewable?

Our initial franchise contract will be good for 6 years and can be renewed depending on the store’s performance and evaluation.

Do you offer any franchisee guarantee or buyback?

Like any other businesses, we can’t guarantee your success. This is why we vet our franchisees thoroughly including their proposed location and we don’t simply approve a franchisee because they have the capital investment.


Think of a franchise as commencing a new business minus all the trial and errors, setting up the basics and spending for R&D.


What we can only guarantee is that we will consistently offer quality food items that we have been known for a decade. The rest will be up to you on how you’ll efficiently run the restaurant and minimize the overall operating expenses.

Do you charge any royalty or advertising fee?

As an introductory offer, we will only collect a royalty fee of 3% on gross sales for the first contract. The standard royalty fee of 5% shall be in effect on the succeeding contracts. This is a generous offer for you to be able to quickly recoup your investments.

We won’t be charging a separate marketing and advertising fees for now. The royalty fee we collect shall include the marketing and advertising fees needed to boost the brand and other sales promotion.

Does Jus & Jerry’s offer a financing program for the franchise?

No, we don’t offer any financing programs. You may however finance the franchise thru bank loans up to 50% of the total investment which includes all the miscellaneous startup investments (rental security deposits, staff training, initial inventory and government fees).

If I don’t have a site or a location can I apply for a franchise?

Yes, you can still apply and we may assist you in finding a good location but we will prioritize applicants with existing or proposed locations.

How long is the return on investment (ROI)?

Restaurant profitability will depend on several factors such as sales, market potential, type of outlet, initial investments and the ability of the franchisee to control the operating expenses. Financial viability questions will only be answered during the interview process.

I already run several restaurant brands. Do I still need to undergo the mandatory 30-day training program?

If you are already running several restaurant brands, we may reduce this training program to a few days depending on your portfolio. This will be a case-to-case basis as you will still need to learn our own store and kitchen procedures.

Who will provide the manpower to operate the franchise?

You will be solely responsible with the hiring of your team. We will only assist with the recruitment and training of your staff. However, you will be responsible with the expenses and required benefits of your team while on training.

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